the casual-ass internet book club: february 2k13

Okay, so, January wasn’t the most successful foray into book club-dom, what with how my post was the only one and I didn’t even like the book all that much. But that’s okay! Because this is a project! And I’m stickin’ to it!

So, I went through my recent purchases again and then went through a bunch of things on my wishlist then I stared at my bookshelves for a long time and the I thought about doing The Fault in Our Stars since basically everyone on earth has read it and I already have a copy in my hands and then I went back to my recent purchases and then I tore my hair out and got some utterly useless opinions from my girlfriend and then I decided on Kate Danley’s The Woodcutter because it sounds interesting and good and fun to talk about it regardless of ultimate enjoyment. Plus, it’s pretty cheap, particularly for Kindle and you can even borrow it for free if you’ve got an Amazon Prime membership.

From Amazon: Deep within the Wood, a young woman lies dead. Not a mark on her body. No trace of her murderer. Only her chipped glass slippers hint at her identity. The Woodcutter, keeper of the peace between the Twelve Kingdoms of Man and the Realm of the Faerie, must find the maiden’s killer before others share her fate. Guided by the wind and aided by three charmed axes won from the River God, the Woodcutter begins his hunt, searching for clues in the whispering dominions of the enchanted unknown. But quickly he finds that one murdered maiden is not the only nefarious mystery afoot: one of Odin’s hellhounds has escaped, a sinister mansion appears where it shouldn’t, a pixie dust drug trade runs rampant, and more young girls go missing. Looming in the shadows is the malevolent, power-hungry queen, and she will stop at nothing to destroy the Twelve Kingdoms and annihilate the Royal Fae…unless the Woodcutter can outmaneuver her and save the gentle souls of the Wood.

So here’s the plan!

1. Read the book!
2. Post about it on the internet no later than February 28th
3. Link me to your post in the comments here
4. I’ll do a round-up post on March 1st-ish
5. We can have a casual-ass comment party about the book
6. I’ll announce the next book

Your site, Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, even Twitter is fine! (Just Storify and link!) Whatever works for you!

This is a very casual, kick-back, low-expectations, low-effort deal! I just like the idea of reading the same book and then hearing what people think about it. That’s literally it. FUN, YES?! Good.

If you have suggestions for the next book, please please please comment with them and tell me! I’d appreciate if it was available on Kindle, but that’s the only requirement.

Share this with people if you do it! Tell me if you’re going to do it! Tell everyone!