good shit i liked: january 2k13

These doppleganger portraits! Mostly because I, too, have a doppleganger.

Hint: I am not the one in black and white.
Zoe Hyde‘s Miserable Lesbians — I have no interest in watching Les Misérables at all in any form ever. I don’t like musicals — though there are exceptions — and I don’t like period pieces that take place before World War II. There is nothing in this story for me! But I laughed at this post anyway. It was the only post about this movie that I have laughed at. Also, she’s right. We are so lucky. If you think you were born in the wrong era you are probably 1. white and 2. deluded. Reexamine your priorities, child.

Shades of Light’s Young House Love Lighting Collection — Okay, look, I’m not going to front. I kind of, sort of, 40% hate-follow Young House Love. It’s not personal — I’m sure they’re very nice people! I’ve only heard kind things about them interacting with their fans and readers! — but, let’s be real, that whole cutesy-ass, DIY, hip and home-y aesthetic is exactly the kind of bullshit that I just loathe. It’s not that their shit isn’t cute — it usually is! — it’s that… I prefer people who live in the real world and don’t have homes that can actually act as backgrounds for photoshoots for retail catalogs. It’s just not my thing. Regardless of that, though, the lights are legit great. I want this one in the hammered gold and this one and this one in eggplant and I really 100% appreciate how much they stressed keeping the prices low. I am never going to be able to buy a $400 light. Ever. But I can probably swing one for just under a hundred. Eventually.

vintage-y arcade pictures
Chris Lindstrom’s Professional Resume — Chris Lindstrom is one of my favorite people on the entire internet and this is perfect.

these dudes
Rae‘s Roadside America in Louisville — I love Rae, I love her photography, and I love kitschy Americana. Perfect.

Robert Ball
Kimmie‘s Candid/Not Candid which made me actually laugh out loud.

Kelly‘s frankfurt winter — I have known Kelly for a long time! We used to hang out in real life all the time. Now she’s all smart and cool and lives in Germany, but at least she takes super awesome pictures of her adventures and shares them with us boring people.

This post about why Ben and Kate was/is so unbelievably great and also everything in my Ben and Kate tag on Tumblr.

Lorelay Bove
Kevin Babbles‘s Nuts — I didn’t develop an allergy until I was 20. I sympathize.

this perfect comic
& the artist’s ten year anniversary tweets about it

This Wikipedia list of 1990s one-hit wonders in the US is possibly the best thing I looked at this week. 1995-1997 were some good years.

Gail Albert Halaban

RIP 30 Rock
Every single post at Vintage Las Vegas!


If you haven’t eaten one of these, you are legit missing out.