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stuff i read: august 2019

Here are some things I read this month that weren’t a waste of time!

How Far Back In Time Could a Modern English Speaker Go and Still Communicate Effectively?

I Found the Key to the Kingdom of Sleep

YouTube’s Newest Far-Right, Foul-Mouthed, Red-Pilling Star Is A 14-Year-Old Girl

What Does “Queerbait” Even Mean Anymore?

These Photos Show The Casual Racism Of Everyday Objects

My In-Laws Are Careless About My Deadly Food Allergy!

YouTube comments are the last sincere space online

What the Heck Is Crab Rangoon Anyway?

What Dinnertime Looks Like In 36 Different Homes

some stuff i read: july 2019

Here are some things I read this month that weren’t a waste of time!

I just caught up on a couple months of Cake for Breakfast and Mia Mercado is funnier and more charming than all of the funny people you already follow.

Did Blowing into Nintendo Cartridges or the Game Console Actually Do Anything?

Who’s Afraid of Kathleen Hale?

A Frog, a Banjo, and an Indelible Message: Making “The Rainbow Connection”

Did I ever tell you guys how bad I was at Red Dead Redemption

If I Made $4 a Word, This Article Would Be Worth $10,000

Hideous Men

E. Jean Carroll’s Accusation Against Donald Trump, and the Raising, and Lowering, of the Bar

Viral and Loving It: The Thoroughly Modern Comedy of Demi Adejuyigbe

What Happened To The Bygone Pastime Of Quoting Movies To Each Other?

How to Draw a Horse

How I’ve Learned to Cope With Depression as a Queer Person

Listen, the only people who enjoy looking at vacation photos are the people who took them

People Tell Us How QAnon Destroyed Their Relationships

‘Let’s blow up this black music!’: The ugliness and unrest of 1979’s Disco Demolition Night

The Real Problem With Making Two Trips To Carry All Of My Groceries In The House

stuff i read: june 2019

Here are some things I read this month that weren’t a waste of time!

Noah Cho, Burning Your Mouth to Spite Your Heart

Meghan White, Male Entitlement Undermines Steve Rogers’ Core Characterization and Story Arc

Taylor Lorenz, When Grown-Ups Get Caught in Teens’ AirDrop Crossfire

Paula Pell, People Used to Tell Me ‘You Could Be a Knockout’—My Mistake Was Listening to Them

Pilot Viruet, Finally, Queer Joy Is Infiltrating TV

Chris Bourn, Deprogramming the Cult of the Workplace Personality Test

Kerry Howley, Tulsi Gabbard Had a Very Strange Childhood

Szilvia Molnar, Me and JT LeRoy: On Anonymity and Queer Art

Shannon Keating, The Time I Went On A Lesbian Cruise And It Blew Up My Entire Life

stuff i read: may 2019

Here are some things I read this month that weren’t a waste of time!

Janelle Shane, This neural net would like to deliver these petitions

Leah Johnson, The Jonas Brothers Joke About Their Purity Rings Now. Why Can’t I?

Daniel Nichanian, “A Sliver of Light:” Maine’s Top Election Official on Voting From Prison

Thomas Leo Ogren, Botanical Sexism Cultivates Home-Grown Allergies

Tierney Finster, The Woman Who Wrote The Book On ‘Doing Nothing’ On Why Inactivity Is The Only Thing That Can Save Us

Gabrielle Emanuel, How Making History Unmade A Family

Jaya Saxena, We’ve Entered the Era of the Large Adult Meatball

Natalie Adler, Season 2 Of “Killing Eve” Killed The Queer Subtext, And All The Fun Along With It

Miles Klee, The Great Solicited Dick Pic Experiment

some stuff i read: april 2019

Here are some things I read this month that weren’t a waste of time!

Anna Borges, “I am not always very attached to being alive”

Epiphora, “Masturbating like it’s 1925 with the Polar Cub Electric Vibrator, Oster Massagett, and Vanguard Vibro-Massager”

Hannah Williams, “The Gay Love Stories of Moomin and the Queer Radicality of Tove Jansson”

Alexis Nedd, “Why Captain America is definitely a virgin”

Kyle Korver, “Privileged”

Lesley Kinsel, “Fat Bias Kept Me Sick”

Alex Palmer, “When Art Fought the Law and the Art Won”