stuff i consumed: april 2020

Here’s some stuff I consumed in the last month wherein I had seemingly infinite fucking free time and yet could not manage to focus and actually do basically anything at all! I hope you’re staying home if you can, staying safe if you can’t, washing your hands, and hopefully finding any joy you can in this time. <3

Kelly Conaboy, I Wouldn’t Do a Puzzle If It Were the Last Activity on Earth

MLB, Why do all MLB ballparks have different dimensions?

Eric Feurer, The Guy Who Played Drums For The Buffy Theme Song

Payal Dahr, When It Comes to Being Gay-Friendly, Women’s Sports Are Ahead of the Game

Bon Appétit, Brad Makes Garlic Ginger Paste

Will Oremus, What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About the Toilet Paper Shortage

NHL, Weird NHL ’90s Edition: Vol. 1

geothebio, “Bone Dry Feeners” – MBMBAM Animatic

Bon Appétit, Pro Chefs Take You on a Tour of Their Kitchens