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Here’s some stuff I refrained from posting on the internet until now!

whole lotta ‘wants to read’ on goodreads but not much ‘made progress on’ eh?

i like in hockey when a guy sits on another guy and then everyone holds still bc they think it’s going to get whistled but then it doesn’t so the puck starts moving again but then the guy just keeps sitting on the other guy while everyone else goes back to playing hockey, that’s good shit lil human sofa time

bitch i do not have TIME for an ad about beet juice!!!!!!

my life is p well spread over five electronic devices (phone, ipad, macbook, imac, work desktop) and stimes i just look at the shit that’s scattered on them, screencaps and saved images, and it’s just like… who was i at this moment what was i doing who was i trying to become what project was i brewing there

my biggest humblebrag on the internet is that my wife can afford weekly therapy

no matter when it happens, every time my stapler is empty when i press it, i sigh exasperatedly and am like, “REALLY?! FUCKING NOW?!” as though i am not always needing the stapler when i am using the stapler and there is some different, better time to learn that the stapler is empty

borzois are the most upsetting of all dogs

it is ONE thing to coexist with spiders and be kind or whatever but if it’s close enough that i have to see their DERANGED little legs holding their meatball body off of a surface near me well KINDNESS IS DEAD

if i was hot i would not have a SINGLE FUCKING THOUGHT in my head, i would just be dumb as hell and down to fuck, and i would not bother with ANYTHING ELSE

uh oh SOMEbody got the wrong kind of stimuli today

I do still use Twitter in the year of our lord 2020, @ashrocketship, so you know… Don’t miss out on those either. Because I’m a real gift to the world and you should be getting as much of me as humanly possible.

tunesday: may 2020

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totally top three: april 2020

Remember how March was approximately 12.5 years long? Remember how April wasn’t even like, its normal number of days long? What the hell is that about?

In March, even before isolation started, I changed the configuration of how I use Spotify on my desktop computer at work and home so that I could see the little Friend Activity tab while I was doing other things and started sort of paying attention to what people were listening to, partly because I’m p voyeuristic by nature, partly because I thought it might be funny (I feel about 97% confident that I know a complete stranger’s sex playlist now!) and I ended up getting super into it and playing Spotify Chase while dicking around on the internet and half-assing something I’m supposed to be doing.

By Spotify Chase, I mean, hitting the songs that people are listening to that I don’t know and adding to them my queue and seeing what’s what. I canNOT recommend it enough as both a way to get to know friends and strangers better, but also because you will find some jams! And a lot of them will probably not be anything you would have found otherwise! Unless all your friends are boring or have identical taste to you, I guess, but that’s a You Problem, so sort that shit out on your own time.

ANYWAY, I have discovered a lot of jams this way!

The first album it gave to me is 070 Shake’s Modus Vivendi which is not something that the algorithm could have served me, so big thanks to the kid I went to high school with but only interacted with maybe twice and I don’t think liked me AT ALL, but for some reason has been my friend on various internet platforms post-graduation all the way back to like, XANGA. Also, I’ve seen Ryland Blackinton listening to it like, three times now, so that’s got to be a good sign.

The album is great, chill and artful and with a nice pace from beginning to end and it’s somehow something that I can both put on and forget about and something I can pay attention to the entire way through. That’s magic, man.

It also gave me Atoms for Peace, AMOK, which is a Thom Yorke fronted ~supergroup project from 2013 that I don’t think would have ever reached me algorithmically based on how much I don’t listen to Radiohead. This is also a well-paced album that I can drift with or focus on, but the real star is “Ingenue” which I have listened to on repeat for long stretches of time more than once.

My last album for the month — because I truly didn’t manage to do… anything in all of April except listen to music and write 50k words that will never actually go anywhere — was not served to me by either the Algorithm or Spotify Chase, but instead is an old fave’s new one I was greatly anticipating. Pokey LaFarge’s Rock Bottom Rhapsody is so, so, so good and satisfying. It feels almost like a movie score except it also feels like it’s telling a story. we were supposed to be seeing Pokey in June in Minneapolis, but it’s been rescheduled for 2021 already, which seems so far away as to be impossible, while also seeming so soon as to be hopelessly optimistic about the state of things. Life and art in quarantine, eh?

And three to look forward to…

the half of it   mia mercado, weird but normal   valley girl

stuff i consumed: april 2020

Here’s some stuff I consumed in the last month wherein I had seemingly infinite fucking free time and yet could not manage to focus and actually do basically anything at all! I hope you’re staying home if you can, staying safe if you can’t, washing your hands, and hopefully finding any joy you can in this time. <3

Kelly Conaboy, I Wouldn’t Do a Puzzle If It Were the Last Activity on Earth

MLB, Why do all MLB ballparks have different dimensions?

Eric Feurer, The Guy Who Played Drums For The Buffy Theme Song

Payal Dahr, When It Comes to Being Gay-Friendly, Women’s Sports Are Ahead of the Game

Bon Appétit, Brad Makes Garlic Ginger Paste

Will Oremus, What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About the Toilet Paper Shortage

NHL, Weird NHL ’90s Edition: Vol. 1

geothebio, “Bone Dry Feeners” – MBMBAM Animatic

Bon Appétit, Pro Chefs Take You on a Tour of Their Kitchens

tunesday: april 2020

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