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totally top three: july 2020

It’s August! 2020! Holy fucking shit! Hi! This is your reminder to please donate to mutual aid funds if you’re able! Wash your hands! Wear a mask! Stay safe! Stay sane! I love you! A lot!

The only thing I had the energy to watch this month is a Fox TV show about baseball that was canceled in 2016. Well, I also watched a lot of hockey when it came back and a couple of baseball games, but stuff with an emotional arc? Plot? Don’t know ’em, couldn’t handle them if I did. Anyway, we did watch most of Pitch and genuinely loved it and the only reason we haven’t finished it is because we’re trying to ~savor what we have. I can’t believe this wasn’t a huge hit, every moment of it is pretty great and everyone is beautiful and also baseball? What’s not to like?

My two most listened playlists in July were Aspen Aspen‘s Black Country Matters and Jeremy Andrew Hunter (aka Ska Tune Network)’s LGBTQ SKA BANDS because they both rip and have introduced me to a bunch of artists I wouldn’t have probably otherwise found. One of the best things about Spotify aside from The Algorithm is that if I have an errant thought about a playlist I want to hear, there is already one waiting for me. These two are some of the best I’ve heard this year. (Yes, ska is good, actually. Shut it.)

The Old Guard was really fun! I liked all the characters and the universe it built and I thought the action was all pretty fun and the setup for a sequel was solid. I’d definitely watch another two hours of Charlize Theron and KiKi Layne kicking absolute ass with an occasional detour where two incredibly beautiful men say deeply loving and romantic things to each other if it was available to me.

And three to look forward to…

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stuff i consumed: july 2020

Here’s some stuff I consumed in the last month. Keep taking care of yourselves. Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Try to laugh as much as possible. ♥

Arun Srinivasan, NHL misses the mark entirely with performative gestures regarding Black lives

Miles Klee, The Gun-Toting St. Louis Couple Are the New ‘American Gothic’

Eduardo C. Corral, “Córdoba”

s.e. smith, What If Accessibility Was Also Inclusive?

Buon-A-Petitti, Italian Grandma Makes Pork Milanese

NHL, 5-on-3 Shorthanded Goals in NHL History

Natasha Cloud, Your Silence Is a Knee on My Neck

Luke Winkie, Inside the Community of Men Who Fuck Themselves

Katy Schneider and Jane Starr Drinkard, The Look Book Goes to the Jamaica Post Office

Ben Meisner, I’m Not Connor McDavid [cw: suicide]


Here’s some stuff I refrained from posting on the internet until now!

u ever get stuck staring at a banana for a while like WHO designed this motherfucker?????

i think i’m a smart educated reasonable person and then i read 12 pages of a book and fall in love with a fictional character because they’re dumb as a fucking rock

imagine having to go through life as a grown-ass man with the name TIMOTHY

i am almost never surprised by how awful white people can be, but i am somehow frequently surprised by how ANNOYING we are. like, jesus. no one on earth knows how to run an already stupid joke into the ground like a fuckin white person.

if u have me blocked know that u are my enemy, but also,,, i respect u immensely bc u right.

the dumbest thing i get mad about is when i see a great username on a social media platform and then see it’s taken by a public figure. awful. u don’t need or deserve that!!!!!!!! u have money wealth fame and power!!!!!!! gimme ur funny twitter handle!!!!!!!

i saw cabaret at too formative an age and those curved cane back chairs make me pavlovianly horny!!!!

of all the things i’ve learned in my time on the internet, “mcdonald’s coffee burn lady wasn’t an idiot” and “baby on board placards are for first responders” are the two i get fuckin WILD AND OUT about the most

one time a guy told me we couldn’t be friends because he was applying for the fbi and i wouldn’t pass background clearance when they went digging and i still don’t know if it was an elaborate brush-off or the truth, but i’m proud either way

people without anxiety just lack imagination

I’m still out here using Twitter at incomprehensible intervals — @ashrocketship — so you know… Don’t miss out on that either.

tunesday: july 2020

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totally top three: june 2020

It’s July! 2020! Holy shit! Hi! Please donate to mutual aid funds if you’re able! Wash your hands! Wear a mask! Stay safe! Stay sane! I love you!

I held off on watching The Half of It for a bit because I’d seen a thread on Twitter from writer-director Alice Wu talking about how it was based vaguely on a friendship from her youth and how it had ultimately ended badly and I was just not prepared for the chance that the movie might end similarly — I’m a big proponent of writing from your own history, but I also don’t know why anyone wouldn’t write themselves a better ending. What’s the point of fiction otherwise? — but I was wildly pleased to see that was exactly what she’d done and it was such a joy to watch. I laughed a lot, I cried a little, I felt immense satisfaction. Ellie, Paul, and Aster are all great and I loved Ellie’s dad very much too.

Based on what I saw in my Spotify friend activity bar, pretty much the only thing anyone was listening to was Run the Jewels’ new one and that was pretty much my MO for June too. Every song on this one is great, but I’m particular to “out of sight,” “holy calamafuck,” “walking in the snow,” “JU$T,” “never look back,” and “the ground below,” which, to be fair, is uh, most of the album. Run the Jewels always hit me really well musically — for reasons I don’t know enough about music to articulate, but I think it’s a combination of bass lines and tempo? maybe? — but this feels as lyrically pertinent as ever.

My review of Avon Gale’s Breakaway covers pretty much everything I loved about it, but as I was reading through my Kindle highlights right now, I ended up laughing and being wildly charmed all over again. Lane is one of the most fun narrators I’ve spent time with in a long while and I’m so glad I tried to reset my horrible attention span with this one. There’s not a single character I don’t like! The dialogue and sex are fun! There’s emotionally satisfying resolutions of parental relationships! People like each other! Professional athletes are chill about having a queer teammate! This was a great time and I’m excited to read more from Gale.

And three to look forward to…

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