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good shit i recently liked: january 6, 2012

Good Shit I Recently Liked:

Almost Done with Christmas and Christmas Day (Rae Hartsock @ Say It Ain’t So) — Those decorations! The pups! My dream home!

Ranked: Every Saturday Night Live Cast Member Ever, From Worst to Best (Phil Nugent @ Nerve) — MOST of these are WILDLY WRONG, but I still enjoyed reading it a lot and it brought on a lively debate on my Facebook.

Hard to Find Week Pre-Party: Cover Girl Crackle Laquer (The Polish Addict) — This one is hard to explain kind of. This blog is defunct and the post is from 2008, but I was looking for a swatch of some nail polish and I somehow ended up on a road ending at this post. A post where crackle finish polish was hard to find because it hadn’t been rebirthed. And where it apparently used to crackle way damn cooler than it does   [more…]

good shit i recently liked: december 16, 2011

Since I am still trying to play catch-up with the 31 Days of Festive-Ass Flicks (I won’t apologize, but, uh, OOPS.) I thought I would throw together a list of Good Shit I Recently Liked:

– What I Learned in First Grade (Elisha Lynn at My Black Tongue) – I Am So Not Sorry About My Vagina, And Other Apologies We Should Retract (Sara Benincasa @ Jezebel) – The Spielberg Face (Kevin Lee of Fandor) – Hear 10 Seconds from Every Hit Song of the ’80s (WFMU’s Beware of the Blog) – Pinochle (KT Kieltyka for The Hairpin) – The Last Photo of Walt Disney at Disneyland Park (George Savvas at Disney Parks Blog) – Make Everything OK – On Orange Juice (Anthony Geffen at Well, That’s Just Great) – Tradition (xkcd) – Ghost of Christmas Past (Ranch Dressing with Eartha Kitsch) – Adventure Time! (Rae Hartsock at Say It   [more…]