gone away – temporarily

Hey guys! This is just a little post to say that I’m going to be on a bit of a hiatus for — hopefully — just the next little bit.

I’m going through some serious/dramatic/unfun but not life-threatening medical/health stuff right now that is consuming nearly every bit of time and energy I have available to me, while simultaneously sapping my energy and laying me up quite a bit. It should — fingers crossed! — be managed quite soon, but I wanted to put up something so you know I haven’t just gone and disappeared into the ether.

I’ll have lots to say about this whole ordeal as soon as it’s over — lots and lots and lots — and I’ve got some fun plans for the blog for 2K14 — Double Feature Friday! Mixtape Monday! the rebirth of the Casual-Ass Book Club! Maybe Vlogging! — but for now I’ve got to take this dumb hiatus and sort my dysfunctional body parts out.

Thanks for your patience and love and kindness and encouragement! I blog for me, but man, you guys have made it so much more rewarding than I ever imagined.

I probably won’t be able to get to comments — which I’ve already been behind on because of this health nonsense — but it’s pretty easy for me to respond to email — me [at] ashrussell.com — if you find yourself unable to cope without me! It might take me a day or two or three, but I’ll get back at you. And you can always get at me on Twitter — @theashrussell — even if it looks like I’m not around.

Be well and see you as soon as humanly possible!