some stuff i read: july 2019

Here are some things I read this month that weren’t a waste of time!

I just caught up on a couple months of Cake for Breakfast and Mia Mercado is funnier and more charming than all of the funny people you already follow.

Did Blowing into Nintendo Cartridges or the Game Console Actually Do Anything?

Who’s Afraid of Kathleen Hale?

A Frog, a Banjo, and an Indelible Message: Making “The Rainbow Connection”

Did I ever tell you guys how bad I was at Red Dead Redemption

If I Made $4 a Word, This Article Would Be Worth $10,000

Hideous Men

E. Jean Carroll’s Accusation Against Donald Trump, and the Raising, and Lowering, of the Bar

Viral and Loving It: The Thoroughly Modern Comedy of Demi Adejuyigbe

What Happened To The Bygone Pastime Of Quoting Movies To Each Other?

How to Draw a Horse

How I’ve Learned to Cope With Depression as a Queer Person

Listen, the only people who enjoy looking at vacation photos are the people who took them

People Tell Us How QAnon Destroyed Their Relationships

‘Let’s blow up this black music!’: The ugliness and unrest of 1979’s Disco Demolition Night

The Real Problem With Making Two Trips To Carry All Of My Groceries In The House