face off, “alice in zombieland”

I was going to stop recapping Face Off because it was sort of killing my will to live and also my girlfriend just started her new job, so we’re still working out the kinks in time management and I obviously can’t watch this thing without her, since it’s her fault ENTIRELY that I ever watched it in the first place, so that meant we didn’t actually watch it until yesterday morning. But. Here we are.

This week on Face Off» more: face off, “alice in zombieland”

face off, “year of the dragon”

This week on Face Off» more: face off, “year of the dragon”

face off, “pirate treasure”

This week on Face Off» more: face off, “pirate treasure”

face off, “a force to be reckoned with”

So, last year my girlfriend tricked me into watching Face Off with her by going, “No, it’s not like a normal reality competition, it’s about MOVIE MAKE-UP” which is trickery because I LOVE stage make-up and learned how to do the at-home, Halloween-y stuff when I was a wee tween and I’m constantly talking about it in movies because I’m a pain in the ass about absolutely everything I love regardless of how little interest the people around me have in it. SORRY.

So this year, apparently, I’m going to recap/make fun of Face Off episodes because I need a project to distract me from the fact that I live in North Dakota now. (More on that later. Really. I swear.)

Here we go?! Spoilers, duh.

Also, just to clarify, this is not the 1997 action movie starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. This is a television show on the SyFy (Dear God, I miss SciFi) network. Sorry if I got your hopes up inadvertently. I’d never tease you like that on purpose.

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