eat my taint

Yesterday as I was driving home from work, I saw a car with “EAT MY TAINT” written in the dust of its back window and could not stop thinking about it. All the way down the street to my house and into the garage. All the way through putting the car in park and closing the garage door. All the way through getting out of my garage and through the backyard and into the house. All last night and into today.

Because, like, “EAT MY DICK” is one thing, a very clear direction of aggression.

But “EAT MY TAINT” is so… vulnerable. There’s no way to be the recipient of that act that isn’t exposed and defenseless. You can only direct “EAT MY TAINT” at someone you trust, someone you’re willing to be open and unguarded with.

That’s not graffiti, that’s a fucking proposal.