good shit i liked: february 2k13

“Toy,” on the other hand, is associated with a feeling. And that feeling is what we are trying, time and again, to convey to people. That sex toys are not just mechanical objects that will get in the way of your sex life. They are not ominous gadgets that will turn your girlfriend into a vibrator-wielding recluse. They are toys, meant for adding playfulness and fun to your sex life. In our sex-negative culture, where to even enjoy sex (especially as a woman) is somehow blasphemous, this is important.
Epiphora‘s great post What Should We Call Sex Toys?

Kelly Dewey
I always love Rae‘s posts, but I really loved this pretty arrangement of roses she did post-Valentine’s Day. I love all that layered height and texture! Beauty born of kitty-damage necessity.

the always on-point Anne Emond
Everything Sarah does is great. I especially love her photography and the frank way she talks about fatness. She rules.

Don Carson

What is the date of my commencement at my previous position? Why, I believe t’was a September, as the hot summer winds where just beginning to gently falter, the sweet New England crisp in the air was creeping over Beacon Hill like a rare red squirrel emerging from it’s winter slumber. What date, specifically? Uhhh, I don’t know, the fourth? The fifth? If memory serves, I believe I was living in a house with 5 other 19 year old art students, eating exclusively at “Finagle a Bagel” in Coolidge Corner, and napping at my mother’s basement apartment in the middle of the day. This will not fit in the assigned “date” box! Fuck it! It was probably the fourth, who gives a shit?!
Zoe Hyde‘s Open Letter to the Electronic Resume Form is perfection.

Internet K-Hole [NSFW]

Kelly Dewey

I’m not a big fan of A Softer World, but I loved this one.