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Okay, so here’s an announcement:

The girlfriend and I are moving to North Dakota in three weeks.

I’ve already posted about my parents moving there and now, for a variety of reasons that we have spent the last few months avoiding/denying/trying to fix, we too are North Buttkota bound.

We both have really mixed feelings, a large portion of which are borne of the fact that we’re moving in less than three weeks, basically. Have you ever tried to pack up your whole life on three weeks’ notice? It’s dumb. It’s so dumb. I don’t know what happened in our decision making process — we’ve been mulling this over for months basically — or if we thought my parents would change the schedule — they’re   [more…]


Yesterday was Halloween! And I stayed home and read stuff on the internet in between answering the door and giving small children candy.

But before that, I went to an empty lot near my house, bought some large squash from a stranger, then came back to my house and hacked it apart before sticking a lit candle in it and putting it on my front porch.

Halloween is the BEST and SO WEIRD.

The pumpkin patch my mom and I went to kiiiiiiind of sucks. At least compared to the one the gf and I went to in… 2009, I think? We tried to take my mother to that one this year but she was extremely resistant and grumpy. GOD FORBID WE DO COOL STUFF, MOM, JEEZ.

But we went to her crappy pumpkin patch on the day of Halloween,   [more…]

kansas city, here we … are.

So! Kansas City is BEAUTIFUL. And hot. And humid. And kind of awesome. There’s a lot of good food, even though the gf and I are too lazy to really go anywhere after work. It turns out that working eight hours a day is, like, a lot lot different than going to class once or twice a week and playing video games in your underwear the rest of the time. Work is great, but they get real weird when I play Tetris topless.

Jokes aside, work is AMAZING. I don’t want to talk about my company here because they probably wouldn’t want to associate themselves publicly with someone who calls Jesse Eisenberg a rapscallion and makes as many poop jokes as I do — BUT. I get to WRITE all day in my own happy little booth and be surrounded by people who are kind and talented in a variety   [more…]

get off my lawn of hoarded/frozen slide film and glass negatives


I just started screwing around with film again (I don’t think I’d shot a single roll since my first quarter of college in 2003) and since 120 is SO EXPENSIVE for such hit-or-miss shots with the Holga, I thought, “Dang, I’ll buy twenty bucks of 35mm and dig out my Pentax!” So I did. And I shot a couple of rolls, including some old ass film that was buried with that Pentax! SCORE. And then I started wondering if Costco still developed film because it used to be super cheap! So I started googling. Then I came across that nutjob up there.

Like, look, man, I understand that your comfort bubble was busted wide open with the advent of digital cameras, but they’ve   [more…]

woof woof

i have the cutest dogs in the world. you can contest it, but you will lose.


DSC_0121 muggles


DSC_0138 phoebe

040610 casper (idk why i don’t have more of her, she is my secret favorite shhhh)


DSC_0112 napoleon

despite what these pictures show, none of these dogs are calm, solemn, serious dogs. they’re all idiots. ESPECIALLY MUGGLES who looks like a god damn professor in these pictures. “the square root of pi times the circumference of my turds is equal to the number of times i will tap tap tap into your bedroom while you sleep JUST TO CHECK THAT YOU ARE STILL THERE AND HAVE NOT ABANDONED ME LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND   [more…]