31 days of festive-ass flicks, day 30: christmas vacation

Day 30 (THIRTY. 3-0. THIIIIIIIIRTY! IT IS ALMOST OVER! OH ME! OH MY! OH 30!!) of the 31 Days of Festive-Ass Flicks [CALENDAR] was Christmas Vacation which is a classic and one of my favorites and delightful and funny and ridiculous and excellent and heartwarming and slapstick and real, legit, human.

I really love Christmas Vacation because the Griswolds remind me of my family. I already talked a little about it here, but it’s really that simple. These people argue and they yell and they screw up and they have family members they they’re embarrassed of and they do stupid things because they love each other. And it’s really warm and happy and hilarious and ridiculous and excellent.

Clark and Ellen are good parents that love their kids and their family. I love when Audrey is begging her mom to not make her sleep with Rusty and Ellen’s like, “I have to sleep with your father!” and it’s so good and such a real mom thing but funnier because movies have to be funnier than real life. Which is a thing that John Hughes does really, really well. Duh.

I love the Ordeal of the Lights and what it means to Clark to make them work. I LOVE THEM. I love the lights.

I also love the shitty yuppie 80s neighbors and they yuppie 80s LIFE.


Basically, at this point in this project (THIRTY! THIRTY! ONE MORE TO GO!) I have run out of things to say. Christmas Vacation makes me feel EXTREMELY FESTIVE. I was super done with Christmas this year basically the moment is was over, but when I put this on a couple days late I felt warm and fuzzy and festive and joyful again even though it was like three in the morning and I was all alone. It’s a good one and if you don’t love it, I probably don’t have room for you in my life. SORRY.

Also, I love the credits sequence.

Poor Santa.