here she comes

I’ve been a bad blogger this year and I do apologize for not being around and oversharing about every minute of my life with you, especially after I set such lofty goals at the start of the year! I mean, to be fair, I regularly overshare on Twitter, so I am still around, I just haven’t made the effort to be present here which is insane because I love my blog, duh.

I would be more apologetic if I’d been gone for bad or depressing reasons, but mostly I was gone because I was working a whole bunch of hours at a job that I only occasionally hate and planning a wedding that turned out so much better than I could have possibly expected. Those are honestly pretty good reasons to let my internet home languish a bit.

2016 might be better! Let’s find out together!


In the meantime, it’s almost time to talk about stuff I really loved this year. I know, I know, I hardcore dropped the ball on my monthly favorites, but! I still bought/read/watched/listened to enough stuff to have some favorites to throw your way.

To ease both the number of posts I need to write and you have to read, I reduced my categories earlier this year as I was prepping to write a catch-up faves post (first in like… June, then August, then November…) so now we’re down to: Reading, Listening, Watching, and Stuff & Things.

I can’t guarantee a TOTALLY TOP FIVE in all of those categories, mostly because I was atrocious about seeking out new media this year, but I also bought a ton of make-up and skincare that I feel desperate to talk about, so I’m just letting it all ~flow.

And, of course, there’ll be a giveaway at the end! A good one! Because it’s the holidays! And I’m financially stable for the first time in my life!

This is not a post with any actual content! Just a warning that I will likely be more present and you should gird your loins. And that I turn 31 next year so as I attempt to be more present, I’ll probably start talking about, like, orthopedic shoes and other things that old people like. I’m pretty amped about it, to be honest!

To add to the no content of this post, here are other places on the internet where you can follow me where I have varying degrees of activity: Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat: ashrocketship. I sort of understand snapchat! I’m obsessed with watching people’s stories! Let me watch yours!