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16 for 16

When I set my reading goal last year, I made an Excel spreadsheet of all 50 of the books I wanted to read and the order I was going to read them in and it was super orderly and it made me really amped to meet my goal! But it also went to hell in like… March? If not sooner, tbh. So this year I’m just ~going with the flow~ and reading what I want to read when I want to read it. But! I’ve still got ideas about what I want to read, so here are 16 of the 55 books I’m planning to read this year, in no particular order!

What are you planning to read this year?

  • i don’t know how you could pick them out before hand! I have this huge “want to read” list, there are some things that have been on there for years because I get excited about something new I’ve heard about.
    I’m so excited for you to read “Fun Home” . It is one of my favorites of all time. I have read it probably 10 times. Just beware, the follow up, “Are You My Mother” isn’t nearly as good. Its really sad.

    • ash

      i have to have some kind of plan or i get too overwhelmed by all my choices! i’m excited for fun home too!!