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kissing the new year in

Dear 2015,

Usually when I write these letters, they’re about how shitty my year was and how next year will be better, but you got me, 2015, you were pretty damn good. My biopsies were cancer-free all year. I made pretty good money at a job I only hate about 30% of the time. I found aquacise aka exercise that doesn’t bring rage from my soul like lava from the crust of the earth. I bought/watched/read/listened to a bunch of good shit. I went on a bunch of pretty good trips. Oh, and I married my favorite person in the entire world. To be honest, 2015 will probably be hard to beat.

Thanks for cooperating!

<3 Ash

Dear 2016,

2015 set a high-ass bar. I dare you to beat it.

<3, Ash

  • I kind of agree!! For the first time in many years, I have very few complaints…which for me is a total win!!!
    Btw- I’m glad you’re been on a writing kick lately!! I love your perspective! Keep it up so I can be entertained/informed!

    • ash

      YES!! 2015 seems like it was so much less crappy for a lot of people than previous years and it’s awesome!

      aww thank you!! i am trying my best! 2016: THE YEAR OF CONTENT